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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


i for one do not give a rat's ass if u do not like me. i am simply what i am. do u think u will like me even more if i were to just quit being myself and be what u want me to be? pfft.

unlike some ppl i know of that are well prepared to change into an entirely different skin, i do not care less. but i wont blame u for being hypocrites. u are human, and all human TO SOME EXTEND do that.

to fit the society, they say. is it deemed necessary? pfft.
and to those who have judged me before and made snide remarks, cheers to u. well, at least u r so very aware of my existance. cheers again. double pfft. get a life!

and to those who made silly comments on how miss-matched me and u know who r, sod off. i do not need u around. it just stinks.


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