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Monday, 9 April 2007

ever thought of having ur very own magazine? i have. i have actually been thinking about it for some time now, very gung-ho about it nonetheless.
google on magazine publishing and a very very long list of sites appears. WHAM! read a few. some made magazine publishing sounded really easy, and there are some that makes even the thought of having your own publication makes you puke.
im not a good writer (a fact) nor am i a master of the english language, but i am definitely a businesswoman by heart. and the publishing industry has my head turning.
back to my dream of publishing a magazine, the most important question arose. what magazine do i have in mind? are there actually a need for my magazine in the market? will there be any advertisers? that brings the question to who will be the advertisers? how do i approch them? etc.. then, distribution and circulation.
magazine publishing have been around for ages. its the most common read material next to newpapers. so why is it so hard??
what magazines do we not have in malaysia?
any ideas?

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