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Monday, 30 April 2007

new-do that looks the same

Hair has always been my major interest. Those who know me knows that i will never wear a same do for more than 2mths. Amazingly, i had decided to let my hair grow and have painfully managed to avoid going to the saloon for more than 7 mths!!! imagine.

yesterday however, i braved up and accompanied moi truly to spazzio; our fav saloon. Jay was on leave and we had to settle for Max. <-- although he's the boss, jay's much better than him. heheheee.

amir's hair was cut soooo friggin short that it makes his head seem so small! it's hilarious! then i decided to trim the end. just trimming. after repeating over and over that i want a just want a simple do n yet with a flair of style, Max came up with:

I HATE IT! i look like someone who's just stepped out of a Betty-Boop show! Arrgh!! horrible.

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