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Friday, 13 April 2007

the three newcomers

whatever was i thinking. jinxie's still fresh in my mind and i had to go and get new babies. pfft. i know i should have waited a little longer and get over jinxie before getting the girls, bt i just couldnt bear the day/nights without seeing any little furry monsters running around.
there actually was this furry monster up at uptown petzone. they were actually a pair, bt i was a little to late. they sold off one. so i took home the furry monster and named her Ash-ku.
i had my heart and eyes on her even b4 jinxie passed. initially, i wanted her to be jinxie's playmate. but alas.. sigh.. jinxie, al-fatihah.
so to cut the story short, i took another two tiny furry monsters when i visited petzone (kota damansara). simply adorable...
brought them home last saturday. they are fast to adapt to their new home and their new buddy (Ash-ku). amazing huh. the room was turned topsy-turvy in no time.
it was then that i noticed Ash-ku's watery eyes. Wiped em with warm water, two days later, still the same. sent her to the vet. yerp! her first visit to the vet with new mummy!! given antibiotics and eye-drops. she's getting better now.
let them roamed the house freely yesterday. they loved it. still had no time to upload any pics. but will remember to do so soon!

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