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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

final act of rebellion?

it was a rotten saturday. annoyed and agitated, i tied my hair into a ponytail and cut it. I looked terrible.
amir had the first look, and then, the first laugh. he wasn't all excited about me having short hair and commented that i look like his MOM!! what the ...??!
neways, too late to do anything about it, i had to have it cut properly. this time by professionals. so off to Spazzio i went. even jay laughed when he saw what i did to my hair. jay, stop laughing.
i wanted a boy-cut without looking like a boy. jay was afraid i'd freak if he were to cut my hair so short, suddenly. he wanted to cut it step-by-step he said.
will post pics of the new look when i have the time to actually pose k.
ps: i still look like a freak. this do dont do me any justice.

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