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Monday, 21 May 2007

New Phone

Ayah gave up using the Dopod 838Pro after only 2 weeks! and guess who he gave it to? moi. hahaa.. He just decided one day that hes not tech-savvy enuff and wanted a less complicated phn, at which, he said "Kakak, lets swap phones". I'd be a total idiot to refuse. Its soo soo cool. cant say thanks enough.

Ok, the major diffy between my previous phn, the HP iPaq RW6828, and the Dopod 838Pro is the QWERTY keyboard (which is a major plus point). The slide is a little on the bad side. I absolutely dont think it'll last that long.

The latter also comes with 3.5G! yerp. Not 3G everybody, its 3.5G. Now, i honestly have no inkling on what is so good about the 3.5G compared to the conventional 3Gs. i have not even use it. hahaa. The speaker is also much better than the HP which, FYI, is a total garbage. Am yet to try out the camera which reviews say its much better than the HP.

Albeit all the diffies, the Dopod look was a let-down. I prefer the HP look. It looks much more tough and sturdy.

Note to self: Will belek this thing after work

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