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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Life's Limbo

Stride, not walk, said a man. Stop and smell the roses, said another. As i grow older (but obviously not wiser though i wish i had), i've met numerous kinds of ppl.

Some i'd grow to love, some i'd hate and some i'd wish i never met. These ppl nontheless have evidently left a mark in my life's journey. But one kind of ppl never fail to amuse me. Thet are those who'd stoop so low just so they feel / look all high al-mighty. To these people, i dedicate this post to you.

There's this chap i met, who is the master in this business. The "man-with-the-thousand-masks" i call them. They are those who can tell you one lie after another just so that they are ahead of you. They speak with an air of confidence, add "con-man" to their resumes. Whatever you say, they are prepared arms-on to rebutt or challenge. You can NEVER be above them. Amazingly, they lead a life of lies. They come to you with a bag of masks faithfully by their side, ever prepared to switch when the need arises.

But when they're caught, they panic, they stutter, they fall. And most of the times, their fall is bad and not cushioned. Its like the mask got tangled in the middle of a frantic change.

hmm.. how low can you go?


Neo said...

i've met a person, come as a friend and leave as a total loser... they are good in words and superb personality but what they make is deceiving u. after they get what they want... they run.. sometimes u need to stood up and just fight back

Anonymous said...

the above comment came from the author of www.emptycube.net

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