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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Perodua MIRA, Daihatsu VIVA?

Perodua launched its VIVA recently. A compact car that is said to be Kancil's replacement model. Lookwise, its better than the MyVI. Its sleek design is worth a second look. It comes in 3 versions; the 650cc, 850cc and 1000cc. Its is also very much more spacious than the Kancil.

VIVA boasts a powerful engine especially with a compact body. Its DVVT, DOHC injection engine is a must-try. It is said to be high in performance and fuel efficiency.

VIVA is said to be the first of its kind to have all four doors opening up to 90°, seat height adjusters and retractable side mirrors.

first of its kind?? Google Daihatsu, click on New Daihatsu Mira. Compare. The same? Definitely the same, no doubts about it. the Mira, which is based on the concept of "a high quality mini vehicle for city driving," and the Mira Custom, based on the concept of a "premium personalized mini vehicle."
So, is Malaysia's "first" a world's first? Now we know...

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