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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Redang tak tenang

The Redang trip was owh-kay. Not at all desirable, but memorable nontheless. Everything started bad. That saturday morning, i found Ash-ku missing. Searched and found out that she had fallen off the balcony. Later that night, the bus that we were on broke-down.

We managed to snag a great package deal with a local at the bus-station. The packaged offered was waaay better than the original one.

17th June 07
8.45 am
Reached the jetty. Waited and waited. Boat finally arrived at 11.30!

Sea was extremely rough causing the boat to rock dangerously. Not only did it rocked, it also bumped!! So up and down, left and right we go.. I could barely stand the dizziness when we saw land. We were further dissapointed and angry to know that we are not at the island, but back at the jetty!! Reason given, engine problems and needed to make a return to the jetty. Again, we had to wait. This time around, for another 1 1/2 hours. The replacement "rescue" boat was no better. It was worst! The hunger and heat didnt help. I puked and was drenched from head to toe with sea water. It was a puke-fest.

4.30 pm
Finally on land!!! Owh clear blue water!!! Half a day was wasted and we nearly missed lunch. We went snorkelling at 4.45pm. Nice and friendly fishes.

opened our first bottle of J. Daniels, Sheridan and Privilege, went for a walk on the beach and gate-crashed a pub. Slept quite early at 1.30am that day. Too tired.

18th June 2007
Woke up for breakfast. Food was great!! Had 2 servings of nasi lemak.

Snorkelling at Marine Park, Malaysia. Terrible!! Dead corals, tiniest of fishes, thousands of snorkellers!! An utter waste of time n entrance fee.

Lunch and free-time. Did some swimming.

Found out that my grandmother came with a jar of strawberry jam daaaang. Went for 2nd snorkelling trip, same all, disspoinment. Suffered M-A-J-O-R period cramps. Slept till 6.00pm, got ready for dinner.

Had dinner. Food was not too bad. Took some painkillers to relief cramps. Walked to the other side of the beach, had a blast with the cameras!! Went all photo-crazy and high. Prepared for "party". Drinks and more were mixed and passed around.

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