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Monday, 25 June 2007

To The-Fat-Idiotic-Knucklehead

Hey you!! Hey you FAT-IDIOTIC-KNUCKLEHEAD!! me swings legs and lands straight on his face "What is your f-ing problem?? Don't you remember how mama saved u?? Don't you remember how she helped you and your family when your business went kapooped?? Don't you remember how ma n ayah saved you when ah-longs knocked on your door and demamded payments??"
Hey you fat sucker!! me swings hands and landed on his fat belly. yucks! Don't mama n ayah treat you well enuff?? Didn't they save your fat arse again n again n again??
Is this how u repay their kindness?? Is this how u show appreciation? Is this your way of saying thanks? You are so low that you dont even deserve to be called human! I am praying and hoping hard that ma n ayah never ever forgive you! Biar ko pegang dosa tu sampai mati! Biar seksa hidup ko!
U deceive all with that nerdy goodie looks of yours. Trying to show that you are good and intellectual just coz u're an overseas grad. Damn! Even trying to pretend that u're gullible. My ARSE!! How can u be so stupid??! You know my parents has got very good contacts and cable, you think musa hassan would come over to my house if it aint true?? silly u.. u poor fat-idiotic-knucklehead. And, how the hell did we know who's responsible? U silly, silly man.. Now, go run. Go save ur fat arse!! We'll be watching. Just to see how far you'd go before coming to us kneeling and crying and begging for forgiveness. Just u see..
Ppl, in regards to the prior post, the culprit was caught. thanks to all those who helped and stood by us.


Donut said...

mari mari kiter pukul mamat ni...jom lah....jom la....stupid fat guy..jom bedal!hahaha...

beyie said...

i nono what is happening or what has happened before.. but it looked deymn serious.. and u're right.. ingrateful ignorant deceitful lil (or should i say big..) bastar*s should not be allowed to walk the face of the earth as a human being.. scum should stay scum and be put back where they belong.. bedal aje!! (kate donut)

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