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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Whats so smart about SMART?

Heavy rained caused a massive uproar and chaos in the streets of KL 2 days ago. An amazing sight, something you believe wont happen in the heart of KL but more to the likes of Shah Alam, Klang etc..

Now, reports showed that the infamous Sg Gombak be held responsible. But when you think of it, Sg Gombak will only overflow when Sg Klang overflows. And amazingly, other flood-potential areas were saved.

That brings me to the topic of the SMART tunnel. This tunnel, they say, has the capacity to drain flood waters. Leaving the town dry, but that aint the case for now. When queried, the answer given was "It will only start operating in August". So why the BIG LAUNCHING and all? Back to the SMART tunnel, it was also said that its the ONLY tunnel of its kind in the world. Talk about Malaysia Boleh, the incident did dampen the spirits.

Nuff said, the catastrophy left Pak Lah red-faced and angry. Pity him, and he just got married. It also made banckrupts of many. Businesses were lost, cars and houses destroyed.

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