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Monday, 23 July 2007

Bleak, bleak monday... sigh...

Its a bleak, bleak monday... The day started out fine... It rained the whole day, yesterday and last night too. Getting off bed was a task so difficult, i had to redefine difficult.

The cold shower was truly a jolt to the systems. Haaha.. Work is work and here i am now in the office, sleepy as hell...

All was well till it was announced that the ppl frm Star wont be coming today. A major argument took place in the office that's not worth mentioning. It actually made the monday even worst. My laptop crashed. Things are so chaotic right now. At this instant, all i feel like doing is crawl back into bed, cuddling under the comfort of my very thick comforter (hmm... now i know where the word comes frm), with Nya and Keeno next to be dozing off with their extremely cute sleepy faces.

God, i wish im home now...

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