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Monday, 30 July 2007

Dr. House m.d.

Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House is a person that i'd really love to meet. Not to be tested by him, just to meet him and say "How do you do it?" His witty remarks, sarcasm nothing new to his fans throughout the entire galaxy. His charm and come-back are too funny not to smile (although when at times, i do think its wrong or unethical).

I'd also ask him why owh why does he pick on Foreman and only Foreman. Does he see himself when he look at Chase? hahahaa...

But the question that i'd really really wanna ask him but wont ever have the guts to is "how he manages not to show any emotion". House-isms are really getting onto the streets. Now everyone on planet earth have their sarcastic side openly shown n proud of it. These famous House-isms quotes were taken from some earlier episodes of House:
I'm world famous now. Press won't leave me alone.
- Human Error
I thought I'd get your theories, mock them, and embrace my own. The usual.
- Merry Little Christmas
Sorry, I already met this month's quota of useless tests for stubborn idiots.
- Fools For Love
Just so you know, i watch House religiously. Never missing an appoinment with the amicable Dr House and gang. I've even bought the collection DVDs for Season 1. Am currenyly at disc 4 of 6.

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