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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Sickening Morons!

A myth is and forever will be a myth. Its not something that's necessarily true nor it is backed by a fact.

We grow up in a culture where myths are believed to have some sort of strength over us. This goes to the extent we seldom question 'em. To some, especially the more traditional kampung folks, its a taboo to question culture.

Over the weekend, i watched a malay telemovie over TV3 called Pantang. Its about a young mother who had just gave birth. She was obliged to stay with her mother-in-law who is a total myth freak during her pantang duration.

Luck be with me i get to that situation. amin.

Myths and believes do not only occur in Asia, but also extend to other countries as well. In poverty-stricken Afrika, there's a sickening myth that an AIDS can be cured by having sex with a virgin. The younger the virgin, the more potent the cure will be. This led to the increase of rape cases in the country over the years. Recently in Cape Town, six men were caught raping a 9-month-old baby!! How outrageous and sickening can that be?! This goes to show how shallow the minds of these morons can be.

Think hard people, there's currently NO CURE for AIDS. How can having sex with a virgin cure you? Where is the rationale in that? Stop and think before you believe in something so outrageous and stupid.
Its easy to say that a big percentage of myth believers are those from underdeveloped countries. Not saying that Malaysia is one. We are still developing and its hard to erase traditions.


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