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Monday, 27 August 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!

Merdeka is nearing. All preparations are made to ensure the success of this special momentus a success. All over town, banners and signs to are placed on sky-scrapers as a sign of patriotism by the giants (MNCs). Drive by Dataran Merdeka (before the road closure), and you will be greeted by loud music and happy, smiling faces. Thanks to the Parade rehersals, you will also be able to see that race is not a problem anymore.

Race is never a problem during this time of the year. Suddenly, we are all barrierless. Smiling and dancing in unison. Truly a sight to behold.

Celebrations are not limited to the parade and in town. Everywhere else, a party of some sort is being held to commemorate (or lets just say, a reason to celebrate, party and get really boozed-up.. heheheeee.. i likee) the birthday of our nation. Bars, clubs and everywhere else, are heavy on their merdeka promotion. A marketing strategy no less.

I've already been invited to 4 parties!! Hoo-rah!! Heppi Birthday Malaysia...!

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