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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Malaysia the new New York??

Slayings, murder, robberies used to be very foreign to malaysians. Now unfortunately, they are here to stay. Malaysia is not safe anymore. Aligned with rapid development, these cases are also rapidly making its way into our daily papers.
Cases and articles such as these used to only dorn the front page of our dailies, but today, due to the competitions between thugs (or shall i call them the angry ones?) are great. We are no longer fazed nor awed by reports of brutal deaths anymore. Scary to a thought, but its true. On soem really bad days, we can read about more than 1 killings / rape etc.

Todays headlines in the Star newspaper:

Single Mum Slashed to Death
Maybe one day, we will have OUR RIGHTS to bear arms. hahhaaa. just a thought. hopefully'll never happen. To all, be exptremely careful.. Never let your guards down. Ever.

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