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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

What is Branding?

Anon: Sheena where u working now?

Sheena: The BrandLaureate.

Anon: Owh. What as?

Sheena: Brand Exec cum Creative Director

Anon: Branding? What's that?

I'm faced with the same questions on a daily basis. I don't blame them for not knowing what branding is. To all, branding is advertising. But why call it branding if it is the same thing? Ok, for starters, advertising is a part of branding. So what is branding..?
Branding as defined on the www:
  • A traditional advertising method used to create an acquired response from a target audience based on cumulative impressions and positive reinforcement. These ads are not purchase for the sole purpose generating a click or visitor. They are geared towards increased product or company name awareness and lifelong customers. homewithgod.com
  • The process by which both a brand and brand identity are developed. wompro.com
  • is a promise, a pledge of quality. It is the essence of a product, including why it is great, and how it is better than all competiting products. It is an image. It is a combination of words and letters, symbols, and colors. quintcareers.com

These are only some of what branding is. Branding is an essence of a company as it actually creates people's perspective of a company. How branding is done is totally up to you although there are some guidelines to follow.

When your brand is a household name, you know you are there and have met ur mark. I've browsed through the web and found some blogs that i think deserve a recognition.

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