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Friday, 21 September 2007


I'm deeply troubled by the picture of the battered little girl. I can't help but think how in the world a person could do such things to an innocent little girl. What's going on in his head??! Its hard to tell, really.

DNA testing was done and there was a match to confirm that the little girl who was brutally raped and murdered is actually the body of Nurin Jazlin.. I cannot imagine how the family would be feeling right now.. They are in a state of denial nontheless. I don't blame them. Its another thing if the body was found not in that manner. As we all were informed, Nurin Jazlin is suffering from a fatal illness. So it's better or more comforting if Nurin were to die of natural causes rather than becoming a punching bag for a sick-twisted killer.

The police had decided to run a second DNA test for the family. I really hope this time, the results turn out negative. May Allah give strength to the family and friend of Nurin Jazimin... Amin.

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