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Monday, 17 September 2007

I miss mama n ayah... *sobs*

Ramadhan is a time; i guess the only time that the whole family dine together. Ayah, as usual, would be the first at the table. This Ramadhan, i guess we'd have two chairs empty for most parts of the month.

On Friday, they left for Bangkok on a business trip. They were actually sposed to leave on Thursday, which was the 1st day of Ramadhan. We sulked bad and they eventually managed to move their meeting to Friday. I had to buka with my brothers now that mama and ayah is not here, driving back to Shah Alam everyday and going home only after sahur. As Danial and Heikal are dutied to oversee the renovation works, amir and me would have to do the buying of food.

It quiet and different at the table. I admit, i nearly shed a tear. Yesterday after buka, i stayed on a little longer hoping to meet mama and ayah before going back to damansara, waited and waited till i can't wait no more. My head was too groggy from the flu meds and on top of that, my first-day period cramps. Owh, did i tell you I caught the flu bug??

So i guess i won't be seeing mama and ayah till this weekend.. sigh....

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