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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Kiasuism is here to stay

Kiasu-ism has always been associated with the Singaporeans. Its a slang that originated from the republic.

Last weekend, i attended two buka buffets. It's just astounding to see Malaysians hoarding the plates and food at the buffet line. It got to a point that it was so daffy and comical. They started piling their plates with a magnitude of food from the minute they were ushered to their seats. Come 6.45pm, not even an inch of empty spot on the table. Mind you, this is not some cheapskate kopi tiam. This was at Planet Hollywood. hahhaaa.. go figure. Ain't that Hollywood-sy ay?

The same thing happened at Flaming Seafood Buffet. A group of rempits were seated next to us, when we saw the amount of food on the table, i panicked. Not that i was disturbed by their presence, it was more of a fear that there won't be enough food for us. It was that bad. Every few minutes, you can see one or two from the rowdy bunch taking more and more food; adding to their "stock" pile. Piling while at the same time, their "steamboat" bowls / pots (or whatever you call em), are already full to the brim. An unbeliveable sight.

Per contra, they are at a buffet.. And buffets are sposed to be all-you-can-EAT. Hmmm.. Get a dictionary people!! It's "all-you-can-EAT" not "all-you-can-TAKE"!!

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