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Friday, 14 September 2007

Maxis 3G Wireless Broadband

Remember bout the my previous post on Maxis 3G Wireless Broadband? Ok. There i stated its reliability, speed and what nots. Now, i'm seriously having doubts.

It started owh-kay, then it got worst. Connections can take forever!! Usually, with the ol' streamyx connection that i'm still using in my office, it takes merely a coupla seconds to open a site, but not for Maxis 3G.

mIRC is also another problem. I seem to get disconnected ever so often. And I lag big time. Imagine a lag of 4minutes!! Now you tell me if that ain't frustrating enough!

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xemeer said...

learn in a hard way... ever consider celcom 3g?...
i've been using it nearly a year...
connection is great...

ps/ ok x bi aku... wahaha

Shereena Saini said...

hehehe.. sgt bagus.

celcom 3G dah 3 years?? biar betol?

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