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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Ramadhan Starts Tomorrow..

As a kid, i've always dreaded the holy month of Ramadhan. I cringed to the very thought of not being able to eat and drink. Not being able to run and play as to prevent getting thirsty and tired. Heikal and me had always kinda "cheated" our way through the day. heheheeee..

We'd bathe at least 5 times a day, especially before praying. When bathing, we'd swallow the littlest of water that seeped into our mouths. Then, its during this month that our oral hygiene seems to be in its best!! Brushing teeth would be hobby number 1!

Its also during this month that we could see ma cooking wonderful mouth-watering foods. She'd make us run to the neighbours with a bowl of the chicken curry or "assam pedas" or whatever she's preparing for our break-fast meal. The neighnours in return, will give us a portion of their cooking or kuehs. By noon, the dining table would be filled with colourful delicacies. Most often a time, we can't even finish all of them.

When we get older, we seldom have to resort to the "cheats" of yesteryears.. Fasting gets easier by the year (although the cringing part when we realise that Ramadhan is loomimg stays). It usually is still hard to face the constant reminders of hunger when your stomach starts to rumble and is sending signs to your head that you need to get food ASAP!! This effect usually causes you to focus on the job at hand. You will give 200% concentration just so you can stop thinking of food or the hunger pangs. This is usually helpful. This will help you get through the month with ease. By mid Ramadhan, you will feel that the hunger pangs are less. Then, the next phase; emotions. You'll hear the Raya songs on air... This can sometimes bring tears to your eye when it start bringing back old memories of childhood raya times.

Its the night times that brings most happy memories. Memories of playing catch with friends till the late hours of the morning after performing the Tarawikh, helping ma in the kitchen with the kueh raya baking, polishing the furniture, etc..

Ya Allah, please help my family, my friends and me get through this Ramadhan with ease... Amin..


Ratu Syura said...

Sheenaa!! Happy Ramadhan!! Nice post babe! May you and your fam be blessed with an 'easy' Ramadhan.. :D

Shereena Saini said...

hahhaa.. i hope so. not so much them lah. i think i need all the blessing!! ngeh ngeh ngeh!!
going cold turkey on my "oxygen sticks" starting 2morrow!

donat said...

kakak!selamat berpuasa!jgn gi drive thru tau...hahaha...send my regards to abang ahmer...take care:)

Ratu Syura said...

reallyyy???? that's great news.. good luck on that! it took me a year to finally stop for good but i managed.. :P

mollyjinxed said...

hehehe.. ingat lagi.. time dulu.. lepak kt rumah kakcik.. pastu siap leh gi mamak tapau nasi goreng.. harusla adie yg kena pegi belikan..
siap speaking wif slang cino sket.
damn not good example to adik!


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