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Monday, 3 September 2007

Yeay!! My blog is informative and fun.

Thanks to all who participated in my "My blog is ..." poll. The poll is now closed and the final results are:
  • Informative - 55%
  • Boring - 15%
  • Fun - 45%
  • Ridiculous - 15%

I think the boring part may be due to the fact that i don't have any interesting happenings in my life worth writing. Maybe i should just write how boring and dull my life could be just to make my blog less "boring". hehheeee....

The totally understand the ridiculous part. I have no flow whatsoever with my posts. Will improve on that soon.

I am trying to be more informative, but i also need to know what type of information do you readers want. And i will definitely make this blog more fun by changing the layout or have quizes inserted for more fun interactivity..

Again, thanks for the participation!!

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