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Monday, 22 October 2007

Cheated by Melwani's Crazy Private Sale

Melwani's Crazy Private Sale! Up to 90% off on new stock ZARA, Levis, MNG, Adidas, Victoria's Secret, DKNY etc.

An utter waste of time and money. hmmph! It was dissapointing!! I sensed something amiss when we arrived at a rather quiet building. When we got to the entrance, i caught a glimpse of what's in store. Jeans galore!! Levis. But only in one design, and it ain't new either. Adding salt to the very bleeding wound, its priced at RM69 a pair! Owh, and that is only if ur a member. pffft

The Adidas only applies to the kiddy apparels. Adik actually found ZARA sweats among the other eye-sore items. But they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big for average-sized people like us. And it also has a faded line on the sleeves. Which by the way, is not even the dign. Its due to sitting too long on the shelves. I rummaged through a basket and found 3 pieces of MNG blouses. I did a check-through and found torn holes in 'em. Ok. its not something that i can mend. Coz the fabric is extremely light and thin.

Finally, something caught my eyes. The V. Secret bras. Now, that's a bargain. But most designs are passe. I eventually bought 6 pairs just coz they're cheap.

Feeling cheated, we left the place. Cursing.

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