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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Hotel Reservation

I need a break. And i need it fast! Ahmer and me had been planning on going for a trip, not exactly sure where to, but definitely somewhere in Europe. The lure of romance is just too big a deal to pass. heeehe.. Owh, and especially after MY FAMILY left me behind on their trip!

Planning a trip is not as easy as it may seem and
hotel reservations can actually make you crazy!! They don't just tell you everything over the phone. Helpless, you will often end up booking whatever is shoved in your direction. Endless hours on the phone to all the travel agencies and hotels is also not the answer. This probably, will ruin the whole trip. They are just too costly and you always won't get the exact package that you want. Free and easy packages might do the job, but the hotels you want ain't listed or just off your budget. Hummph.

Should we go back-packing? That sounds terrific! But back-packing is also not actually back-packing. You actually need reassurance that your accommodation is taken care of much earlier.

I browsed through the net and found this great site; HotelReservations.com. Its user-friendly, gives you access to book hotels from nearly anywhere on planet earth! Cool.. one plus point there. Browsing further into the site, i discovered that
HotelReservations.com not only gives you detailed information on hotels, but also Bed & Breakfast, Condo Rentals, and Car Rentals. Amazing huh? For those who insists on careful planning of the whole trip, you can also opt for the Vacation Packages offered by HotelReservations.com. They even let you come up with your own package. Now, that is what i call safe.

HotelReservations.com also provides a Destination Guide for you to know more about a certain country. I clicked on Malaysia and was greatly impressed by their description of my country. *wink*wink* NOt only do they provide an impressive description, they also have links to other important and useful information such as; "Overland and Sea Routes into Malaysia", "Entry Requirements and Visa Extentions", "Money and Costs", "Getting Around", "Communication", "Best Of", "Medical Care and Emergencies" and "Explore Malaysia".

Impressed? I know I am. Oops! I think i've booked a trip!! Pheeew... Lucky for me and other fickle beings out there, HotelRservations.com does not have any change nor cancellation fees. How great can that be? Now, I think i'll wait for Ahmer to get home so we can really plan for the trip.

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