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Friday, 26 October 2007

insurance insured?

Insurance is the hottest topic everywhere. Everywhere i go it's "insurance this", "insurance that".. Nearly all my friends are insured. Many companies are coming up with better and bigger insurance plans.
Normally, topics of insurance will just irk me. Even the car insurance is just a matter of "must-have". If it ain't for the law, maybe i would not have bought it anyways. I used to think that insurance is just a waste of money. I would also go bonkers when mum sit with dad and compare car insurance!! Isn't it all the same??

A friend of mine had actually introduced me to this partticular insurance a few months back. It's life insurance + savings all in one. Meaning, i get the money i put in when i retire. Sounds great huh?! It's just like depositing your money into a bank account with EXTRA goodies. My insurance (and most others) also comes with thousands of benefits, most of which i think is really good. The benefits covers everything such as; quality medical treatments at major hospitals nationwide, medical assistance overseas, allowance when being admitted and many more.

I even googled the terms to understand better, but they're just too complicated. I'll just have to trust my friend and hope for the best. Even so, i'm already planning to get another insurance. The one for the ladies.. It covers everything that a woman may worry about one day. Cysts, breast cancer, marriage, pregnancy and birth and some others. The best thing, i'll only have to pay rm30 monthly.
And to plan further, I am also looking to get my future home insured with one of the many home insurance available in the market. You may never know what happen in the future right? Let's just be prepared for the worst case senario.

Guys, get insured before its too late. It is never a waste of money you know. One day, it may be the only thing between your life and death.. Owh and one more thing, in the case of death, your savings will be given to your benefactor. And if you don't die, you'll see dollar signs when you retire!!!
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