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Friday, 5 October 2007

KA-CHIIING!!! It pays to save!

Guys, you know what?? I started a piggy-bank in february this year. Ahmer dearest did it for me. A very-creative piggy bank made of AIRCON GAS CANISTER! Yerp. He creatively drilled a hole and sprayed it matte black. Made a cool accessory for the house too! Owh, it also became quite a topic when having guests over.

Okok. Lemme get to the point. Last night, i decided to "break" the piggy-bank. This was the total amount:

Notes - RM136.00
Syillings -
RM0.50 - RM188
RM0.20 - didn't bother counting
RM0.10 - didn't bother counting
RM0.05 - didn't bother counting
RM0.01 - didn't bother counting

Ahmer deposited the syilling for me today. Total amount of syillings is RM437.88!!!!! WOW! Total amount saved would be RM573.88!! And that is just 8 months of loose change! Imagine how much i could save in a year! yeay! shopping!!


donat said...

banyak la duit dalam tu...best2!

Shereena Saini said...

donut: sgt byk.. best giler!!

Raizzèn said...

Hey have a pic of the tabung. I demand it.

Shereena Saini said...

hahaha.. demand noted. Will post pic later this week! thanks

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