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Friday, 5 October 2007

A not so festive affair

Raya is just around the corner. Its been a hectic 3 months for us with the house renovation and all. Ayah's a little sceptical that the garden won't be ready in time. Yes ayah, it will be partially ready, the grass is still in botches!! The porch flooring is still not acid-washed, the pond fixtures still not fixed, the pond wiring and plumbing still a mess.

Things we need to do before Raya:

wash all crystals
mop the floor
polish the wooden furnitures
hang the curtains
get someone to wash the sofas
buy the fishes for the pond
helping ma bake cookies
dusting the picture frames
washing ALL trinkets and what-nots
washing all pots, pans, trays, THE raya cups and plates etc
grooming the kitties
sending the kitties for a medical check-up
stocking up the colas
preparing for the big meal
sending all cars for servicing
washing ALL bedsheets, comforters, cushion covers etc

And i thought i could escape as i'm staying on my own, but no. I wasn't allowed to. I have to religiously go back to shah alam EVERYDAY to help out. Its tedious, i'm tired. Between work, damansara home and shah alam, i don't have enough time to even breath. Please boss, bear with me. It'll all be better after raya.

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