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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

the not-so-new PDA

I got my new PDA! The Dopod 900. Its spose to be much better than my previous one, the 838pro. (owh, the repair cost is rm2133!) Actually, i did’t expect it to be so damn huge and bulky. It is!! The previous owner had also changed the battery from the slim original one to the thicker and bulkier version.

Ok, apart from the part that its humongous, the PDA is great. It runs on WindowsMobile6 and has better functions than its predecessor.

The down-sides:
Bad camera (only 1.3 mpixels)
No scroll wheel
Its bulky
The rotating LCD has a huge potential of becoming loose

The up-sides:
Cool rotating LCD
Huge, huge screen

Qwerty keyboard is just amazingly comfy to type on

The Specs:
Frequency: WCDMA+GSM(900/1800/1900)
Size: 81x127x25 mm
Weight: 285g
Standby time: - GSM:220~260 Hours- WCDMA:190~250 Hours
Talk time:- GSM:5~8 Hours- WCDMA:2~4 Hours
Color: Titanium black
Smart model: Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0
Style: mini notebook

Messages: SMS; MMS
Voice/video recording: Unlimited (up to memory capacity)
Voice control: Yes
Hands free: Yes

Data transfer: WCDMA(3G)+GPRS (2.5G)
IR: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
WiFi wireless LAN: Yes
USB: Yes

Colors: 65536 colors TFT screen
Size: 3.6 inch
Resolution:640x480 pixels

Original ring tones: MP3/WMA
Multimedia player: Windows Media Player 10

CMOS resolution: 1.3 megapixels
Focus: Yes
Recording: Yes
Assist lamp: Yes
Memory slot: SD interface, up to 1G

Handwritten functions: Yes
Browsing Office documents: Yes
3G telecommunications: Yes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mmm... Hi.. 1st time reply..

Suppose your 838 Pro Much Better Spec from Dopod 900.

Dopod 900 suppose to be RM 1.5K for USed set? Its Is?
FOr New 838 PRo i think Around RM 2.5K. Hopefully Dopod 900 its the PDA phone have the complte spec cause Have Wifi, 3G etc...

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