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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Opps! I did it again, and lost my babies..

Opps! I did it again
i played with your heart
got lost ... lallalaaa

Sounds familiar? Of course. You're lying if you don't know this song. Don't care if you hate it or love it, i know u know. (wtf??) The EX-pop princess Britney Spears has definitely done it again. This year, her life is an emotional highs and lows. Just look at what she did to herself. First, getting married to Kevin Federline and having his babies (while getting waay FAT), then shadowing Kevin as he tried his stint in singing, which lucky for us, did go any further than the studio bin, then the divorce...

Britney tried getting back on her feet after the divorce but it proved impossible for her. She went bonkers and shaved her head bald, and did an attempt on a come-back. The come back song was amptly named "Gimme More", which made me to think; "What more do you want? You sure you can handle the rejection?" The lyrics to the song is really corny. Its plain yucky. Failure after failure, Britney tried to win back the hearts of her fans by "performing" in the latest VMA. Something that fans, or what is left of it, "want less".

Today it seems, Britney is making headlines again. Not something you should be proud of gal... (spoken like a true southern chick with the slur and all..) Britney, now u've gonna lost your babies.. Watcha thinking...?? (again spoken with the southern accent and wagging a finger)

Todays news: "Britney lost custody of children". Britney baby, should you be doing this? Now does all these popularity and glam more important then the kids? Owh! Ah.. you notty, notty girl... I know why you're doing this.. Aww... A reason to hop over to Kevin's to meet the kids..? Aww....

Opps! I did it again!

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