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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Sheena the Bag Lady

Over the long raya hollies, ma nagged non-stop over my over-loaded wardrobe. She keeps telling me to either throw or do something about the clothes that i don't wear anymore. Its an eyesore she said.

My brother wasn't spared too. His car parts are all over his pathetic tiny space of a room. hhahahaa..

Noticed the resemblance? We don't throw things. We hoard them. Keep 'em although we know they're of no use whatsoever. pssst.. I have like many clothes bought last year that i've never worn and have shrunk. And i keep the jeans that i can fit in no more coz i believe in my "no food" mantra that will shrink me to fit the clothes those shrunken clothes of mine.

So, being the good daughter that i am, i will be "diligently" obeying her commands. Lets not hoard. Let's put an end to hoarding. This will soon be my latest mantra.

So guys, i will be setting up another blog just for this sole purpose. Sale!! I'm also thinking that lets share the space. You can post ur stuffs for sale there too. I will inform you as soon as i get the page done up yah!

Owh please, please, support me. without your support, i'll never be rid of goodies and i will eventually have to change to becoming "Sheena the Bag Lady".

warmest regards
sheena saini

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