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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Shopping anyone?

The holiday season is here again! Have you bought presents yet?? Argh!! Halloween, then Thanksgiving and with a blink of an eye, its Christmas! I've checked, and Santa won't be coming over with his sack. So i think, its best if you do it yourself. Get the important prezzies before time actually runs out. Ahh.. the question again. What should i get mother? Father? Cousins? Ideas are also running out. To actually get them what they want (or what I think they want) may be too costly. Hey! i've heard that theres this cool place where you can purchase coupons! Yeay!

Have you heard of the latest fad to hit the streets and virtual space?? Its the CouponChief! CouponChief.com caters coupons to hundreds of the greatest merchants and the coupons ranges from; Lego coupons, Banana Republic deals, Apple coupon codes and PINGO deals. Shopping have never been easier. All you have to do is select from the hundreds of participating stores and purchse the coupons!

Now, lemme check my wishlist for my family and see if i can find coupons for all of them..

The Saini's Wishlist

NurKiki (cat) - Catnap Arm ChaisesNya
Nya (kitten) - PETCO Fleece Donut

Ahh.. I can now relax after a tiring day of shopping. *winks* psst.. and i saved a helluva lot of moolahs than actually going out and purchasing them!

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