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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

what i am wearing to work today

What i'm wearing today:

Jacket - U2 by G2000

Top - H&M UK

Pants - MNG Suit

Clogs - Vincci

Watch - Franck Mueller Conquistador


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

wah... dangerousnyer d watch.. somethg i cld never affod.. neways.. love ur top..

Shereena Saini said...

To Mine:

haha.. i myself cant afford it! Its a prezzie frm ma. ;)

owh top tu, dah berbulan2 dlm wardrobe. tatau nk pakai ngan aper. coz if i tak pakai ngan jacket over it, nampak cam pregnant lady. giler kembang!! ekkekee.. smalam first time lah pakai since i got it.

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