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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Kiki the baby is having babies!!

My family baby, Nur Kiki is pregnant!! She's about a month along her pregnancy. Hahaaahaha.. Nur Kiki is late Jinxie's litter mate. The funny thing is that she's an indoor cat. She so timid, that she wont even step out to the garden. Now, there's only two cats in my parents home; Toffee and her. Toffee's been neutered. So how did she get herself pregnant??

Owhkay, being observant, i suspected she's pregnant when i visited home last month. I noticed that she her tits are enlarged. She seem to be eating a tonne too. But the family brushed it aside as she's always been the big eater. She was even once diagnosed as being obese.

The pragnancy was confirmed when i sent her to the vet to get her spayed. I still had my doubts and asked the doctor to do a check on her. He knew she's pregnant the moment he saw her (tits). Just to confirm, he did an x-ray. Sure enough, my baby is carrying babies in her belly. Saw the bones thats actually already formed and some heads. hhahhaaaaahaha.. They look like lizards!!

Now, this is definitely good news, but we won't be home for the delivery... :(

This is the first time the family is faced with this situation. And honest to goodness, i know absolutely nothing about caring for a queen apart from her feeding. I don't know what i should do to help prepare her for the delivery.. Her very first litter.. She'll be scared.. Kesian nyer dier.. I'm thinking of buying a huge cage for her and her litter. Hopefully all will survive..

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