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Tuesday, 6 November 2007


I'm shocked to find out that adie @ putry @ mollyjinxed and her long time beau has broken up. They were always a pair. It used to be "Jaa maner satu?" the answer would be "Jaa Adie" vice versa. They were the thing. Bloody hell! They were responsible for my meeting with moi truly way back in uni years.

This has got me thinking. Everyone has been telling me not to let the relationship go too long. It'll just lose its spark. True to a point. There's no more sparks left in my relationship. Its just arguments after another. Soemtimes, i don't even know why we're still together. Maybe coz it's troublesome to start anew with another person, maybe coz it'll break my parents heart, etc etc. You see, we tend to see every bad streak on a person after being together for owh so long. Both him and me have been finding faults with each other. Recently, the fights have just been too unbearable. Its had gotten to a state where i don't even feel sad. I don't cry anymore, i just don't care.

Is this what marriage is like? I hope not. It suxs. Major. It's not that i don't love him anymore. I do, and still do. But it doesn't feel like 6 - 7 years ago. Its just love. No substance. Sometimes i try to work things out, but for no apparent reason, i get aggitated with his every action. His walk would irritate me, his silly jokes that i used to laugh too does not seem to tickle me, it just annoys me. Are we leading to the route of destruction? Hopefully not... sigh...


adie said...

shocking eh?!!??!
am still in da shock though..

i still love him. i dunno whether love becos i've been together for 6-7 years. or is it really love???

hard to let him go.. but i need to move on.. its a lesson for us to learn.. dont neglect someone that loves u so much.. it may tires 'em.. feels like u're terhegeh hegeh

sorry didnt tell u.. i have no guts to face nida pon.. so saddddddddddddddddddd

just keep it to u n amir first
when am ready.. i would go public

keji sangat!!!!!!!!!
please.. have pity on jaa.. cant think on how he would go on without me.. i do care bout him..

Shereena Saini said...

not just shocking, its heart wrenching as well!!

hoping the best for both of you, no matter where the road leads you to.

Ratu Syura said...

i can totally relate to this whole post. after being with my boo for 6 years, the arguments can get pretty stupid. the thing is, we can argue so badly due to something so puny! funny, huh?

Shemah said...

Like every other gal who has been in a long term relationship, I really get it. With my ex, it came to a point when even "how are you" can lead to a major argument. And I came to realise like you said, that the arguments don't even make you feel sad anymore. It's just like whatever. You can't cry anymore. There's love there but just no more passion I think.

So yeah, we ended things. We have both moved on and remain "acquaintances".

Hopefully, you and your beau manage to resolve things and work things out. :-)

Shereena Saini said...

thanks for the comments guys. really needed em.

syurah & shemah: hahhaa... i tought i am the only one going thru this. but didn't ppl say you're spose to be happier after a being with each other for so long, esp when there's nothing else to impress. (errgh.. what am i saying?)

eMptyCube said...

sheena...there's always bad in good things.... u n amir are good couples ...actually i can defined is as perfect...but maybe u guys bring the whole work stuff back home and stuff happens...

keep in cool between u guys... im waiting for ur nasi minyak invitation

Shereena Saini said...

thanks raje for believing in "us"
the invitation will come. one fine day.. no worries. insyallah

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