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Sunday, 18 November 2007


Holla people!! I know most of u r probably wondering what had happened to me lately. I know I've been MIA for a while now. Its just that things t work are getting out of hand. Esp since i am to complete all tasks at hand before my long euro trip.

Owh btw, I will be resigning from my current job at The BrandLaureate soon to join my parents in the business. Very boring. No, no, apparently i won't be leaving for Sabah nor Sarawak. Ma n ayah will be opening another office in Shah Alam (please no....) to run the Sabah/Sarawak operations. So i guess i'll only be going over for the plant visitations.

I'll be leaving for europe on the 23rd @ 3am. I've not even got my things ready!!! I did a little shopping yesterday. I bought a pair of Timberland's Maire Ankle Boots. Very cool. It's waterproof, its lined with the softest and warmest of cotton, its brown, its suede (click on the pic below to see the full description of this marvelous boots ;)). And since my trusty digital cam is with my brothers, who btw, are on a vacation with my parents to china (we'll get back to this shortly..) I will try to find a picture of the boots on the net and post it k. Or maybe, u can just wait to see it on my vacations pics.

I also bought scarfs, a cool cool jacket from SEED, two pairs of Timberland's winter socks. A pair of long john's and a pair of khakis from Miss Seflridge. Hmm.. I am in need of turtlenecks!!

Owhkay, the family is in China. Im left here to babysit the cat and the fish and the house. sigh.... they'll be back on the 21st. Then, we'll ALL fly off to europe.

till later.!!

warmest regards,
sheena saini

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