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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A bitter end to 2007. A solemn wave goodbye...

BOO! I'm back! Sorry for the silence esp to shemah. Babe, i've not ignored you, just couldn't bring myself to look at the pics on my blog.

Ok, first things first. I'm officially lover-LESS. Ahmer and me ended our 6-ish years relationship recently. Exactly a week before the new year, to be precise. It ended so badly that coping with the fact that he's no longer around hurts. Getting drunk became my daily routine. Even on weekdays. Slept only ONE miserable hour every night before heading to the studio in KL. Owh, that was also another reason for my MIA. I really don't have to tell all do i? So, its over. The reasons for the disappearing blog pictures. Will post new pics soon.

The BrandLaureate - SMEs Chapter Award that took place on 8th Jan 2008, was a major success. That's my Grande Finale. I'm officially no longer with The BrandLaureate. Am finally returning the calling from my parents. I'm now attached to SMEC (M)'s office in Philleo Damansara for a month or so till the Sabah/Sarawak HQ in Shah Alam has completed its renovation.

Finally, keeping the best for last, I've actually been getting real close to this guy (whose name i shall not devulge just yet *wink*wink*). He's a great friend but recently, he's getting really serious about "us". i don't think i'm prepared. I still miss the "late" beau. Argh!



mollyjinxed said...

hey hey.. dearest kak cik

wats da real story mory

hope u r recuperating well

its not easy though!

may u live on in a sweet way..

Shereena Saini said...

its too long to say it here. maybe we'll talk over a cuppa teh tarik? do buzz.

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