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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Of consolations & conforts. Thanks Atzan. Thanks All..

Too many things happened recently in my life. Ever so often, i've cried on many shoulders. All were ever so helpful. Some, i know, are apalled by my bawls and some couldn't care less. I have to admit, i have been really pathetic and annoying. hahaaa.. Some were careful with their words of advise and sympathies, some gave me a thorough talk-thru. Some just listened.

I have to to say thanks to an angel who had actually dedicated a post to me. He actually just listened and consoled me. We even laughed. I found out bout this particular post "A short message for Sheena" and immediately laughed and cried after reading it. I'm touched that u actually think that of me. aww.. thanks dearie..

Its just too good not to post here. Lemme share.

A Short Message for Sheena

Hey babe,

i dont know if you're ever gonna
read this,but i have to say what should be said..
dont worry,i wont say anything stupid or lecture u on stupid things that u already know yourself..i just want u to know,something u've always known but maybe have slippedyour mind these past years..u are an awesome.beautiful girl,inside n out,n nothing or no one can takethat fact away from u..always believe in yourself,always do what's right n what's best for YOU,n everything will fall into place,in time..take good care of yourself 1st n foremost,n u will be a better person foryourself,your family,n your real friends..always be true n never lie to yourself,always give your absolute best ineverything u do..when u love someone, give your all, or not at all,for if it ends when it ends,u can be proud to say u did your best, n have no regrets after..stay strong,but when u cannot n u feel weak,never fear,there are always those whose shoulders u can lean on,with ears that will listen,with words that will make things better,with arms that will always carry you when u cant carry yourself..i'm sure u will be awesome at the new job soon,n your staff will need allthe luck they can get working with a boss like u hehehee..regardless of our past,the memories i have are all of the best of times,n i'm a friend forever..may u receive Allah's blessings, i pray for the same for u always..

And to all those who had stuck closely by me namely Amen, Ikhwan, Roy (this is a girl mmkay) and Hid, I don't know what i'll do without u ppl.. Lotsa love n respects.. U guys are friends indeed!!

Ok. Anyone for teh tarik??

1 comment:

ratu syura said...

Awwww.. that's such a sweet message! you're lucky to a friend that cares for you that much! it's great to have someone like that when going gets tough..

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