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Friday, 7 March 2008


Owh ok.. First there was friendster, then myspace followed suit. Then there were some.. Now, here comes !!

Was a wee bit irritated and annoyed at first with the facebook invites and all but am now absolutely hooked on it! The applications are so cool and awesome! And u know who else i met on the famous platform?? None other then one of my fav blogger; Syura! Yeay Syura!

Come look for me in facebook (shereena saini) and pls, pls, pls do answer my Q's and Votes! heheheee...


pss... here here.. now here's a preview of my page...


Rozella said...

Hey Sheena, was just passing by and Hehe Syura and her sis Shemah got me started on Facebook too and now I'm a complete addict as well!

Shereena Saini said...

ahh.. another victim!! heheheee.. do add me on facebook ay..

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