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Monday, 10 March 2008

Malaysian General Elections 2008

Promises were made, dreams and goals were shouted, out comes the banner, buntings, flags and other paraphenilias... A typical scene at any elections. The Malaysian General Elections 2008 was held on 8th March 2008 (080308 hmm.. a lucky number for the Chinese..? or is it just a coinsidence?).

The results were out and many were stunned to hear 'em. The snide remarks were no longer heard.. All (or nearly) were flabbergasted. BN had such terrible wins! And apart from that, PKR wins Shah ALAM!! Owh now that is scary...

I regret that i have not done my part to vote. Damn! Pak Lah was sworn as the PM this morning in the presence of the King. Again? Now, how hurtful can that be? Well, since i didn't do my part, i shall stop here and crinch over the outcomes.

1 comment:

Ratu Syura said...

I didn't vote either..

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