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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

थे फिने आर्ट ऑफ़ पिएर्सिंग्स - The Fine Art of Piercings

पिएर्सिंग्स - Piercings. I've always been really interested in body piercings and am actively adding to the collection. To date, i have had my ears (obviously. that one started way back in toddler years), navel (3 times), lower lip, eyelid, nose n upper lip (the so-called "Madonna") pierced.

Last week i added one more to the collection. My tongue. It actually ain't as painful as it sounds. The pain wasn't as bad as the piercings on the lower lip and the Madonna. But the soreness sucks MAJOR! I wasn't able to talk nor eat properly. Had it done at Dragonfly, Ikano for RM115. Guess what. Pian did it too.

i managed to eat proper solids after the third day. Amazing huh. According to the piercer, there are some "pantangs" that i had to adhere to. Some of which are:

- No smoking
- No alcohol
- No hard solids
- No playing/touching the stud
- No hot beverages
.. and some that i can't recall..

What?? No SMOKING?? Hah! I was merrily puffing away straight after i stepped into the car. Hey, that's the only remedy for pain mmkay. pfffftt. No smoking? U've got to be kidding me.

But as macho or brave that i wanted to be, i still took some precautionary measures like gurggling Listerine every hour or after a ciggie fix and also after meals. A conversation with me would definitely have you going "Wha?? Huh? Aper ko cakap?? Tak paham lah!" Theeheheeehe.. Sorry guys. Its MUCH better now.

Will have a pic posted soon when i do finally remember to take a pic after washing up. And just FYI, no, i do not wear ALL pierings at one go. So im not qualified to be called a pin-cushion ay.


mollyjinxed said...

as i recalled.. nida have talked bout this before.. the reason u cant smoke is because it would not help the bleeding process to heal

i think sumthin like dat la

Shereena Saini said...

erks! yer ker?? damn. but takde bleeding lah sayang!!

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