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Monday, 7 April 2008

Last nite..

The house was roaring with music n laughter. Thanks guys for coming over. Although the "party" or "session" was unplanned, it turned out way cool. The best thing was two of my bestest buds hooked up. Thanks to moi truly. Yes, that's me playing Little-Miss-matchmaker. heheheee.. They actually look so good together that im smiling just thimking about it.

Mmmkay.. U guys must be wondering who the hell i'm talking about. It's none other than my beloved cuz Sarah n the ever silly Crazy Bill. I actually had told Bill a few days earlier about Sarah's crush on him. He didn't actually replied positively at first but called me up way later to asked who Sarah is and why does her name keep popping in his head. Well Bill, guess you're stuck. Haha.

Who-aa! They actually were already cuddling up to each other in matter of hours! Talk about fast.. That was lightning!! Cheerios my frens. You both really do look cute together. Awww...

Now, Pian was there too. So letting all hair down, i relly got cosy and was letting me be me. I was all sheena that night. The ever so loving sheena. Hell yes I am! Even my best budd and partner-in-crime Hafiz made a surprise visit! Yeay!!

We ended up laughing, dancing and playing pranks on each other the whole night thru. It was awesome!! What a way to spend the weekend. Guys, i think we should do this more often ya? Till the next "session", Sheena; sighning off withs lotsa xoxo...


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