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Monday, 7 April 2008

Sheena's cruising the love boat?

Whooyah! Sheena your beloved DQ (Drama Queen) is in luurve? Hell yeah!! Just when i thought that Moi the queen would never fall easily after the major heartache, har di har har har. This time i'm a little certain. It's amazing u know, this feeling. Maybe its just a notion of love, or maybe i'm just losing it.

This is how i'm feeling right now.

1. I can't wait to meet him
2. I get all excited and happy when i'm with him
3. My friends say i've never looked this happy or "berseri" for a long2 time
4. I get tensed when he sounds angry (tho he's often not)
5. I try my very best to get my fingers off the phonepad from calling him ever too often
6. I get all cooey when he kisses my forehead [or anywhere else for that matters.. ;)]
7. I get all mushy and "cute" when on the phone with him
8. I get jealous when he talks about pretty girls (hey, my bad. i'm entitled to get jealous u know..)
9. I'll be bz in front of the mirror prepping up to my nines when he's coming over
10. I stare blankly at his pictures religiously b4 i go to sleep...

sigh... What utter bliss...


Rafay Ali said...

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Shereena Saini said...

erk. well ok.. u can actually post that in my shoutbox u know..

Shemah said...

oooooo.. someone's got it baadddd!! LOL! And at times like these why is it that every love song you hear seems to apply to you? hahaha..

Glad to see that you're happy, babe! *hugs*

Shereena Saini said...

yeay sheena!! thanks shemah.

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