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Thursday, 3 April 2008

This is creepy... and i'm scared.

I had this strange feeling all day yesterday. Couldn't actually describe the feeling but my right eye was twitching the whole day. At first i dismissed it as nothing till i got home. It was 9pm when i reached home. As i tuned the key, i felt this strange rush of emotion. Nya the cat was unusually noisy and was not there to greet me at the door as she routinely would every single day.

I turned on the lights and it started. My heartbeat was racing! Yes. And i still don't know what it was. It was just the feeling that someone or something is near me. I tried to calm Nya down but it was to no avail. She was literally on her toes. I went to the loo and was surprised that Nya, the cat who would be IN the loo with me while i bathe, was not around. She didn't even looked for me. Owh kay.. I freaked out when i could hear her weird sounding meows.

Nya..? Nya nak apa sayang?

Meeeeoooow.... Meow.. meeoww... aowwwww....
Nya meh sini kat kakak... Come girl.. Adik...? Adik Nya..? Nya.....

As soon as i finished my little lady business, i went for her. I brought her to her room. She immidiately rushed to her wet-food bowl. I sat down on the floor beside her and rubbed her temple slowly all the way to her tail. She enjoyed it and even started purring. Right then, i smiled and knew this weird and scary feeling was just a figment of my imagination. Just as i had said that, i bend over to carry her. The slightest touch on her body made her jump. Ish.. This is really beginning to freak me out. This continued till she herself left the room, scurrying.

Astro was not helping also. The only this that was screening was "The service is temporarily unavailable". Damn. I surfed channels hoping to catch at least a decent laugh, but to my horror, the only channels that i was able to view was HBO, AXN and one other that i really can't remember. The worst thing is, BOTH channels were airing Horror shows. The one on AXN was a reality show called "Ghost Hunters" or sumthing like that. And the other was airing 13 Ghosts. What luck huh?

I was reduced to watching black screen while desperately trying to get hooked on to a comedy or a sitcom. Those would definitely calm down the already tensed nerves. Ahh.. CSI. Thank God... Alhamdullillah..

When i thought things would just get better, it turned a whole lot worst! The CSI episode was about this group of "freaks" who are actors of a horror flick. Double damn..

I just lay down on the sofa absolutely scared to death. Worse of all, i couldnt reach Pian on his cell. After numerous failed attempts, i tried shutting my eyes. The feeling is just too strong. 3 hrs later, my hsemate got home. Phewww.. Argh! She told me that she'll be going out that night. The feeling came back. Lucky for me her habib isnt going. So he kept me company. While watching telly, Habib told me that he had to go to DP to get some stuff. I stood up straight and told him that i wanted to tag along. He looked at me in this very weird way.

In the car, i had to tell him everything that happened and the reason for me tagging along. "La.. Ko baru rase ker? Rumah ni semenjak kebelakangan ni mmg rase lain macam sikit.. Aku pun sedar gak."

This coming from the mouth of someone with strong religious background is astounding..

Ya Allah, lindungilah diriku dari makhluk2Mu. Amin.

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mollyjinxed said...

okayyyyy.. nowwwwwww u're giving me the goosebumps!

Rafiq said...

woah, I hate that feeling..tak best!

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