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Friday, 23 May 2008

David Vs. David = DAVID

A whole season of name callings, spats and crooning sensations passed with the winner being the talented rocker cum bartender, David Cook. The rocker from had definitely won millions of hearts by his nonchalant ways, his stubby unshaven look and husky voice. Traits uncommon in an idol winner.

26-year-old David Cook had actually been one of the most consistent contestant amongst the lot. Others being his nemesis, David Archuleta and the soul songstress - Sayeisha, just to name a few. His winning not only confirms that America has gotten bored of the stereotypical winners of the talent show, it also confirms that being charming, cute and good looking may not win your way to becoming the next Idol. It takes far more than that.

David Archuleta's lost does not actually mean that its the end of the road for the very very talented singing prodigy. He will definitely go far as he has proven his abilities to make it big in the industry. Many recording labels (i think) are already on the moves to pin him down.

Ahh.. There goes MY opinions for the 2008 American Idol.. Was David Cook your choice? Smiles!


Emila Yusof said...

I was! So glad that David Cook won!

Shereena Saini said...

emila. yerp! i so have to agree! im all for david since jason's off the list.

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