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Thursday, 8 May 2008

My Very Own Fashion Line

Lately (well, not so lately actually), i've been dreaming of having my own fashion line. Not something extremely fancy and glam aka Haute Couture, but more towards the casual/street/brit rock line. You know, to the lines of Topshop, Pull and Bear, etc.?

It just seem natural. I love fashion esp from the British Rock / Indie scene and my creative juices would never let me stop thinking that i could come out with cooler designs than those offered in the market. Apart from that, my most faithful sidekicks Danial and moi truly Suffian is all for my plans and are willing to help out in the process. Danial with the ever-so-funky dress sense and Suffian with the creative touches. These for definite, would do wonders.

Hyped up with this in mind, i scribbled down what I imagined and wanted. A really cool store (in a cool uber area that is) displaying my own line (the name i'm still trying to decide lah) of apparels ranging from tees and tops to jeans and shoes.

Then, there will be a section for Malaysian new/upcoming/undiscovered talents. Maybe to the likes of my friend Jezmine who was one of the finalists in the Project Runway Malaysia reality show. I could also hook up with fashion students from the many, many colleges here where they can display and sell their designs and works for very little or no payment at all.

Thinking further, i could also have interesting / unique clothes purchased from elsewhere to be placed in the shop. This is to add variety and choice.

Pheew! Owh kay. Then reality strikes. It seems so easy to come out with a picture, but what about the planning stage? Where do i even begin?? Sheesh. I for one have to decide on the Fashion Line. What will we be having in this line? If printed tees, who would be designing? Where do we get the tee-shirts for print? How do we go about finding a reliable printer to suit our needs? This also applied to the jeans, shoes, tops etc. Then the major question; How much will all this costs and where do we get the funds? Ain't as easy as it sounds huh? I don't even want to begin thinking about the idea of getting the new/upcoming/undiscovered talents. This is endless!! I already feel like giving up!!

If i were to give-up this wonderful2 idea of mine, i'd just be a "mat jenin" without even the slightest effort of living up to the dream. "What a waste of a perfectly brilliant idea", one would say. Someone may just take the idea and make it their own.

So here i am, sitting in my office thinking up means and ways on how i can go about implementing the steps and making my dream come true.



Shemah said...

Hey sheena!!

Oh wow.. after reading your post, it's like I'm the one who's excited! LOL! I went to your friend Jazmine's blog and I really do love her style. I would like to see you get into this whole fashion line too! You've got my support! Then you can be my fashion consultant and dress me up as a GLAM MOM! LOL!


ratu syura said...

OMG Sheena! I was thinking the exact same thing just now! I was wondering when someone would finally open up a store just like that! I guess great minds think alike! LOL!! But hey, don't give up on it so soon! You totally have my support! :D

Shereena Saini said...

Shemah & Syura:

Thanks for the supoort!! I actually drafted a business plan yesterday. Wow. Seriously byk keje. hahahaa.. but my brother like got really excited and actually started telling my parents about it! Though diorang skeptical, tp they said, if thats what we really want n think we can do, then just go ahead with it as long as it doesnt interfere with our main business. hhahhahaa..

Owh Shemah, cool kan si Jazmine tu? I seriously envy her dress sense. Satu lagi, babe, ur alraedy a GLAM MOM lah. No worries in that department!

Syurah, mmg great minds think alike. Cheers babe!! Maybe if lah this project really becomes a reality, u leh lah contribute to the designing kan?

ratu syura said...

me?? design?? omg!! i think you got the wrong person! i dont mind doing the shopping though.. haha! but i do have friends that can design..

please please please make it happen!! dun la say IF.. do all you can to make it happen. if you need designers i can ask around.. then i can lepak at your store everyday! haha.. but seriously, this is a good idea.. so make it work babe!

sdtlhfz said...

hello sheena,nice blog u have here...hope to see more of those 'what i'm wearing today'!..luv 'em;)
anyway.hope ur plan works out!!
i myself often dream(urm,berangan is a better word kot..hee) of having my own line too;p

btw,wud u mind if i link ur bloggie to mine??

ps;my blog is set to private,hee,saje ngade2,do drop me ur email if u want to be invited yeah;)
take care


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