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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Home refurbishing

I'm DYING to create a new look for my ultra dull apartment, but i know this will definitely cost me a bomb. So now, i'm coming up with a wish list for my pad.

It all comes back to the theme. What do i actually want? I've browsed through numerous home decorating books and pictures and have actually decided on a mod-contemporary look (is there such a thing?)

I've decided on having musky grey and red for my walls. Well, not so much for the red as the colour's a little too garish. Maybe only for a few sections. Note to self; also planning on having black and white posters (framed) all over. Maybe if i could actually find some nice ones cheap over at sg wang or sumthing, it'll be great.

Was actually planning on having the famous L-shaped sofa. Very comfy no doubt, but i've been eyeing those red PVCs like forever. So this will have to wait as it also has major effect on the budget.

Not much can be done here till i get the kit cab installed. Ma will help me in that i assume. If not, the kitchen will just have to wait.

Sigh.. Dark, dark walls....

Am intending to something about it, but not sure yet.

I'm planning to have a theme here. Maybe theme it as the "Green Room". With lime coloured walls. This will also be used as the Guestroom for my frequent guests.

TV Cabinet;
Would love to get a long black one. Owh, i'll also make sure its low. Don't want the necks aching..

Hmm.. What else.. Definitely in need of water heaters for the master bedroom toilet, aircon for the master bedroom (coz the master needs her beauty sleep.. ahaks..!)

Cat Room:
A multi couloured room with many many many cat motifs on the wall. The cats are the master's most loyal subject. They really have to stay comfortable and happy. *winks*

So when i'm gonna start? Tomorrow, when the paycheck arrives.

sheena the lola


Anonymous said...

yo sis!let's renovate your house together la..nnt calling la...wooohooooo

Shereena Saini said...

tulah psl
maybe nnti mase middle of the month ker buat house painting

Shemah said...

woww.. bestnya redecorate rumah!! :) Let us know the progress ya, babe? :)

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