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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lonesome Me..

Me telling everyone that i'm actually loving singlehood is sheer and utter bullocks! Yah i do get the much awaited freedom of partying whenever i want, go out with whoever i want and come home whenever i want. But all that is actually beginning to wear off. The fun of it all is not fun actually.

Moi actually miss the times when i know that there's always gonna be someone missing me, waiting to listen to my every whim, someone to cuddle to after a tiring day, someone who'd hug me and instantly make all my problems go away; someone to comfort me and tell me everything's gonna be ok...

That someone is my missing significant other. Then you hear them say; "Hey! Go out with your friends! Spend more time with them! Go enjoy yourself!" This is true albeit the constant cringe and jealousy pangs you develop when you see your friends' romantic antics with their gf/bf. So this, my friends, don't help a single bit. It'll just worsen things. I know. I've been there and everytime this happens, i'll end up crying myself to sleep.

It's just not that i'm not looking or wanting to have a new relationship. I'm YEARNING for it, but i don't know.. Things are just NOT looking good for me in that department. I feel F.U.G.L.Y! I really really do. I feel old, my skin just seems to get worse by the day, i feel that my haircut now don't do justice to me, etcetera etcetera etcetera...

I try not to cry.. I try not to think too much.. I try to have fun.. I try.. I try..
I'm still trying..
I'm still lonely..
I'm still crying..

"hush little baby don't you cry... everything's gonna be alright..."

sheena the lola


a Q r a m said...

i'm always believing the quote saying Sometimes it's better to do nothing
but just now, after i read ur entry, it does make me think again..
i come wit conclusion, that i'm supposed to be granted for waht i am bein now.i've been thru a very long lonesome life journey before..now, i got a new life that i want, have people who care about me..i know its not enough..n u kno wat..it is never gona be enough until u say Alhamdulillah...

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Dont worry Sheena, your man will come sooner than you might think..Who knows, you'll meet that man of yours in a bank, like how i met mine? He could well be anyone you've never even thought of..and he's just there, standing right in front of you..only waiting for the right time..so cheers aight!

Shereena Saini said...

hey aqram n felicia, thanks for the words of comfort. ;)

mollyjinxed said...


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