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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Ur life is what u normally make it out to be.

We normally rant and diss about how life's been treating us unfairly or how things just don't go they way we want them to. Really, i sometimes do that in a daily basis. Its easy to blame everything and everyone else but ourselves. This gives us also an opportunity to be angry and jump and shout and yell. hahhahaaa.

But yeah, really. If everyone actually believes in the "we-have-no-one-else-to-blame-but-ourselves" theory, the world will be extremely dull and boring. There will be no wars (not that i like wars, but an argument or yelling once on awhile would be nice) and there will be just be full of happy smiling people. Think hippies. Eeewww.. The world would also S.T.I.N.K!!

opps! I think i've actually made a detour off the topic. lols. Sorry. Blame it on me... NOT! Blame it on my mind that just can't stick to one simple topic long enough!

I really feel like singing Fiona Apple's Across the Universe now. Join me mmkay! Let's enjoy the song together-gether...

sheena the lola


Tanakwagu said...

Hi, i have a contest. Please vote. if the response are good i will run it sooner.


Shereena Saini said...

linky to contest pls..

a Q r a m said...

“Nobody dies a virgin...
Life fucks us all.”
- Kurt Cobain

Faisal Admar said...

i want to sing along... any karaoke version? lol

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