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Thursday, 4 December 2008

My 27th

Last Monday i celebrated my 27th birthday. No biggie if i may say so, just a little party with close friends and family at home.

Everything still stays the same though. Being 27 is just like being 26. Hmm.. So what have i gone through my entire life? What have i achieved? What makes Sheena sheena?

Here's my story...

Born to two doting parents on 1st December 1981 in Kandang Kerbau Hospital, Singapore, i've actually lived a life of excitement, love, happiness and sadness. I was raised in a strict, but loving home. One that i would never have wished differently. I was a rascal as many would come to remember. Always in and out of trouble but mostly always in. There never was a dull moment when sheena's around. I believe i've tried everyone's patience. Owh... i was always also a smart student, always getting the owh so impressive numbers on the papers. This apparently let me to being somewhat looked up to by most of my peers. They never quite seem to fathom how a smart alec like myself could be so mischievous and stubborn and stinking rotten. Apart from being smart, i was also active in sports, dance, drama, ballet n shit.. Always loving the limelight. Hahahhaaa... That's how i've earned the glamorous title; "drama mama".

Life took a drastic turn when i migrated to malaysia in 1996, leaving everything and everyone behind.. Started bad, very bad... I had to cope with all changes and before i know it, i was adapting. Made many friends, more than i thought i would at first. Did well in school before and also did a stint in Uni earning my diplomas. Had to say i'm extremely proud with myself especially after graduating and entering the working world. I've made my mark.

FYI, i'm currently bumming. Not sure if i should continue my studies or to start my own company. Really thinking hard, weighing all the pros and cons. Please pray that i make the right decision when the time comes..

So to all those who think my life is boring, dull, meaningless or shitty, think again. Yes, i admit i may sometimes be somewhat a spoiled brat and whatnot, but its ok.. I deserve it. Owh yah, to all those judging me by my "party-hard" lifestyle, get a life. Just realise this; I live my life once, and again, im SINGLE, so what's the point of staying home and being a goody? Let's mingle bebeh!

Now, Shereena Binti Mohamed Saini has officially turned 27. I hope and pray this coming year would be as meaningful as ever..

Thank you all for being here for me, especially when i'm going through those hard phases in life. You made all seem more bearable. I, you, made me.

sheena the lola


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

i like this post..

i've always thought u're a malaysian..

u'll do just fine ok..always be here..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

btw, happy bday!!!

Emila Yusof said...

Happy Birthday Sheena! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!

Sheena Saini said...

thanks for the wishes u guys!

TH said...

Happy birthday to you

a Q r a m said...

wat ever u do, wish u all the best..

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